The Farm provides a state-of-the-art technical setup in a comfortable luxury environment.  Sure, the technology is critical to the task but it is the experience of the pre-visualization process that separates The Farm from any other previz solution.  It is a secure facility where you, your artist, and your team may feel at ease to relax and just be creative.  It offers the option to be able to spend the majority of your time doing great work instead of needing to leave the facility for meals or run around town to have printing shops produce your paperwork.  Whereas you are not here for vacation, you and your creative team can make the best of your short breaks relaxing in comfort, clearing your mind, and recharging your batteries before embarking on what will surely be discomfort and personal compromise at your production site.  

As a guest of The Farm, you will have access to the following:

  • grandMA2 Full or grandMA3 Full Included

  • file creation by any provider you desire or from The Farm's preferred provider

  • 24 hour access to the property so that you can work on YOUR schedule

  • personal curated meal plans available on request

  • pool, spa, gym access on property

  • laundry machines

  • conveniently located to business hotels directly next door to the property as well as all resorts on the Las Vegas Strip

  • plotting and printing services available



Q:  Must I use The Farm to create my previsualization file?


A:  Absolutely not.  The Farm is file creation agnostic and thus you are welcome to utilize any service provider for your files.  We are also more than happy to give your provider remote access to our Previz machines so that they can make any changes that you require in real-time.

Q:  How does your secure access work when welcoming high-profile clientele?

A:  The Farm is located within a gated facility just one block from the Las Vegas Strip and has its own security team onsite.  All guests entering the property must be pre-organized with The Farm's staff so that a principle name for the vehicle can be given to the security agent at the gate for entry clearance.  Once entering the property, the transport vehicle is directed to a secluded stairway just feet from the entrance to the studios to ensure that your artist may egress with the utmost of confidentiality.

Q:  How do the meal plans work?

A:  Our curated meal plans are designed between you and our chef.  Once you have decided on the number of meals that you would like to have at the studios, the chef will give a host of options from which to choose.  The choices range from low-calorie, healthy fare to flat out comfort food.  The choice is yours and these meals are made at the pre-determined time that you request.  Understanding that the chef is not necessarily available on the overnight hours, if meals for those hours are desired, the chef will prep those for you to be kept in the refrigerator for you to heat up yourself whenever you like.  The meal plans are separate from the basic craft services that are included in your time at the studio.

Q:  Is the meal plan option really worth it?

A:  That's entirely up to you to decide based upon your workload and schedule.  Typically when you go out to eat during previz sessions you'll wait ten minutes for an Uber, drive 15 minutes to a restaurant, spend 45 minutes eating and then reverse the process.  For lunch and dinner, that averages a loss of almost three hours a day just to feed yourself before tallying up the costs.  Our personal meal plans are competitively priced to the aforementioned and prepared on premises so that you can make the most of your time as well as not having to disrupt your creative process to start thinking about that decision making.  

Q:  What are examples of the available meals for the optional meal plans?

A:  The dining options include but are not limited to the following...

  • Greek style yogurt w/house made granola

  • eggs any style with toasted house made bread drizzled with honey and sea salt

  • rigatoni with turkey sausage

  • tomato basil chicken with mozzarella and spinach over house made pasta

  • baked buffalo style wings and panko breaded onion rings

  • house made brown sugar baked ham sandwich with lettuce and mustard aioli

  • tacos with house made tortilla chips and guacamole

  • salt baked potato and chili

  • pierogi lasagna

  • meatball or chicken parm sandwiches on house baked rolls

  • Asian slaw salad with sesame chicken

  • steak salad with house made lemon poppy dijon dressing

Q:  How do using the amenities such as the gym, pool, and spas work?

A:  Want to arrive early and get a workout or swim in before starting your day?  At The Farm, you are our personal guests and thus will have the option of escorted access to our on-premises facilities.  All of the facilities are located just feet from the studio's entrance where you are more than welcome to partake in their use. Appropriate attire for the facilities is required and all posted rules and regulations for their use are to be adhered.  The spa area has lockers, a steam room, jacuzzi, and showers available.  The studios also have two full bathrooms with showers and towels should you prefer to freshen up directly within the studio facility.  


Q:  Is there a difference between the large and small studios other than size?

A:  Both studios are equipped with flatscreen monitors for your previz session but the larger studio also has a secondary 4K flatscreen to accommodate media server output should you require it.  The small studio can accommodate two people quite comfortably with seating for up to five if absolutely necessary.  The larger studio is well equipped to handle a video programmer at its secondary table as well as being able to be reconfigured with extra tables and chairs for a full creative team up to six or seven.  

Q:  Which previsualization software platforms do you offer?

A:  grandMA3D systems come with the studios and we offer rental options for WYSIWYG, Vision, & Capture systems.  If you already own a dongle or license for one of the above mentioned systems, you are more than welcome to utilize your own on our hardware.

Q:  What consoles do you offer?

A:  The Farm owns a single grandMA2 Full Size and a single grandMA3 Full Size and you are free to choose to use either for your previz session.  Should your production require the use of any other console type, you are more than welcome to arrange for delivery of the console of your choosing.  It is very important to note that if you are using a software platform other than grandMA3D running natively via MA-Net then you may need to arrange for the addition of extra network signaling processors in order to cover the number of parameters needed.